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President: Sheri Elliott                                                  Vice President: Roy Porter                                                                  Treasurer: Charlie Ritter

The Central Oklahoma Metal Detecting Club is a group of metal detector enthusiasts. The purpose of organizing our club is to gather together people interested in the hobby Metal Detecting, for fellowship, to grow in knowledge of Historical facts and historical locations and to share such with members, to promote the Interest in the hobby of metal detecting and to Educate the public as to the value of our hobby and to preserve and protect the rights of metal detectorists. COMDC also promotes the hobby and recreational activity of GEOCACHING. More information on geocaching can be found by visiting  www.geocaching.com

Our meetings are held on the first Tuesday of each month, at 7:00pm, at Earls Rib Palace, 920 SW 25th St, Moore, OK 73160-2947, Ph 405-793-7427 . Visitors are always welcome at our regular club meetings. All other club activities are open to club members only.

Anyone interested in becoming a member of COMDC can obtain a membership application and pamphlet which contains information about the club and membership by visiting Membership Information Page above left.   An online printable membership application is also available by selecting the Membership Application Page above left, then opening the .pdf file.

Our History
An organizational meeting was held on Wednesday 17 November 2010 at Earls Rib Palace, 920 SW 25th St, Moore, OK. Plans were finalized for the start up of the club. Our first regular meeting was planned and  held on Tuesday 04 January 2011 at Earls. President: David Reeds, Vice President: Charlie Ritter, Secretary/Treasurer: Kenneth Kerby.

About Our Logo
Our logo is a winning design created by Gordon Gibson and Allan Whitener selected by a vote of the membership from numerous designs entered by members. On Tuesday 5 April 2011 the logo was officially selected and adopted.


Army Bracelet returned to soldier after being lost for over 60 years.

Most treasure hunters jump at a chance to metal detect vacant city lots, especially when it's on city property, and especially when the city has cleaned the top soil off the corner lot behind the newly remolded city court chambers building, to put in a paved parking lot.

The old house that sat on the corner lot had burned, and the lot was cleaned off, and had sat vacant for several years.

I drove by one Sunday in May, while the dirt was being removed, the grader was still on the lot. I stopped and got my metal detector out of the back seat and started hunting. In a few minutes I received a signal for a dime, and dug up a 1917 mercury dime, a few steps further I dug up a 1919 mercury, I was having fun. I also found other old coins, toys, old bottles, but my best find was when I got a signal for a quarter, but it wasn't a quarter, it was a bracelet with a U.S. Army insignia on the front. On the back it had a name and date, 12-29-1930. I knew if it was possible I would try to find the person it belonged to and return it. The name wasn't in the local phone book so I went to the internet, and sure enough I had found the old soldier with a birth date of 1229-1930, along with a phone number. He was still

alive and lived in a small town in Oklahoma. The first attempt to call was no answer, so I tried again on a Sunday afternoon, and his wife answered. I explained who I was and that I had found a bracelet that belonged to her husband. She told me that he did live in Blanchard, OK., back in the 50's after returning from a tour in the Korean war, and before he spent two tours in Viet Nam.

She told me that he also was stationed over-seas in Germany , France and also stateside before retiring in 1974 as Chief Warrant officer 02, with nearly 23 years of service.

Now at 84, in failing health, Mr. Lushbough sat up in his easy chair as I presented to him his lost bracelet along with an Army button from a uniform that I had found near by the location of the bracelet, and my own thanks for his service to our country.

Brad Patterson


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